The Hold Steady returns

New York rock band The Hold Steady packed the Railyard to capacity in July 2008, and the band returns to the venue Monday for another rock-your-face-off performance.

A sweaty, rollicking bunch of Brooklyn boys, lead singer Craig Finn and his roving band have been described as “America’s bar band,” and onstage Finn tells the tale of a man that’s had one too many sour girlfriends and surly encounters in the bar.

The Hold Steady carry a lot of great influences in their music, including a bit of the Clash, a heavy dose of punk from bands like Jawbreaker and a lot of classic rock from Bruce Springsteen.

The band performs an all ages concert at the Railyard (doors are at 7 p.m. and tickets cost $16) and moves on to Bozeman for a performance on Tuesday at the Filling Station. Columbus, Ohio-based rock ban Two Cow Garage will open both performances.

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