Russian Circles find absolution in new album

Russian Circles performs in Billings Monday, July 6.
Russian Circles performs in Billings Monday, July 6.

Instrumental rock/metal band Russian Circles, of Chicago, is performing the Railyard on July 6. On the road in support of Japan’s Boris, the band has a few headlining dates including their Billings performance.

With an intensity harnessed from metallic hardcore movements of the east coast that migrated to the midwest, Russian Circles is one of an established genre of atmospheric instrumental music focused on textured rock jams and melodic breakdowns.

Of the latest album, “Geneva,” bassist Brain Cook said, “I hear two general themes in our music. On the heavier side of things I hear impending doom and violence, and in the prettier moments I hear solace and redemption.” Indeed the album is one of musical rage and absolution.

The all-ages performance is an early one, beginning at 6 p.m. A double bill that night at the Railyard brings Dale Watson to the stage later that evening.

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  1. Glad you got retweeted about this post. I love Pelican and saw that these guys have toured with them. I’ve fallen in love with that hard rock/metal instrumental sound. Looking forward to hearing these guys.

    Always love a new discovery. And here I’ve gotten two for one. Russian Circles and Awesome!

  2. Hi Cody, thanks for the kind words! Nice to have a new reader. I’m very excited to see this band live; check back for photos/review.

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