Queers return to Billings Sunday

Not one for political correctness, Joe Queer returns to Billings Sunday, bringing with him his vulgar mouth and the resurgence of 80s pop punk with his band, The Queers.

The Queers, which performed Billings in June 2009, will appear at the Railyard with opening support from Kepi Ghoulie (bassist/vocalist of The Groovie Ghoulies), and Canadian punk rockers The Riptides, both on tour with the Queers. Wyoming’s female-fronted punk group The Front opens the performance.

Formed in New Hampshire in 1982, The Queers crassly punked their way through the 80s before signing to Lookout! Records (at the recommendation of Ben Weasel, who produced their first Lookout! release, Love Songs for the Retarded).  In the style of the Ramones, with catchy bubblegum punk to propel them to the populous, The Queers unleashed a slew of comically offenssive material (“No Tit,” “Teenage Bonehead,” “I Can’t Stop Farting,” and such).

Wyoming’s The Front opened the Queer’s last Billings performance, and host the band in their hometown, Casper, Wyo., the following night. Fronted by punk rock cinderella Lauren Bezold, The Front is a onslaught of furious melodies and politically charged lyrics. The combination of the anti-P.C. 80s revivalists and The Front may seem odd, yet Bezold has good humor about her for the show. “Excited to see Joe and Co. and give him shit for that ‘Tit Fuck’ song he wrote,” she posted on her Facebook.

The Billings show begins at 6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 5. Tickets cost $10 and are available at usual ticket outlets and at the door.

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