1090 Club has hometown launch for new album

1090 Club members perform a free instore performance at Ernie November in Billing March 24.
1090 Club members from left Michael Galt, Sean Lynch, Steve Serfazo, and Megan Dibble perform a free in-store performance at Ernie November in Billing March 24.

With little ostentation, Billings indie rock band 1090 Club celebrated the release of “Natural Selection” at their local record store last night. Friends, family and fans packed the small independent record store to celebrate the album’s national release.

The band played a scattering of songs from the “Natural Selection,” released nationally March 24 on SideCho Records. Just like their hometown, 1090 members were casual, approachable and appreciative of the local support at the in-store.

“Natural Selection” is the band’s sophomore release following their label debut, “Shipwrecked on Shores.” The new album open with soaring, layered melodies and engaging, brooding compositions, cataloguing the Montana musicians’ coming-of-age. Songs such as “Conversations,” “Hearts” and “Skipping” interject a delicate sweetness amongst the indie rock storm.

1090 Club keyboardist/vocalist Mike Galt.

Following the album’s release, 1090 Club announced a series of tour dates, including a CD release party at the Railyard April 18.

Tour dates are as follows:

  • Apr 17: The Badlander w/ Secret Powers, Volumen, BEDM, Missoula.
  • Apr 18: Railyard w/ Loopian Zu and Flowers From Her, Billings.
  • Apr 22: The Aquarium w/ Murder By Death,  Fargo, ND.
  • Apr 23: O’leavers w/ The Photo Atlas,  Omaha, NE.
  • Apr 24: Vaudeville Mews w/ The Forecast,  Des Moines, IA.
  • Apr 25: The Roman w/ The Forecast,  Kearney, NE.
  • Apr 26: Hi Dive w/ The Forecast, Denver.
  • Apr 27: The Railyard with the Forecast, Photo Atlas, Billings.
  • Apr 28: Union Hall w/The Forecast,  Missoula.
  • Apr 29: Studio 7 w/The Forecast,  Seattle.
  • May 1:  The Railyard w/ Murder By Death, Photo Atlas,  Billings.

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