Terpsichore’s Turn of Phrase

Terpsichore Dance Company of Montana is made of grit and iron,of passing bodies and bare feet, of chills and electricity, of heartbeats, tears and of tributes.

This amazing collective of dancers perform just once a year, a show that takes more than six months to prepare. Founder and main choreographer Ricki Feeley estimated Terpsichore’s annual show, which took place March 5 at the Babcock Theatre, was a culmination of more than 700 hours of rehearsal time.

The enormity of scale that these dancers undertake is phenomenal. In each dance phrase, they encapsulate grace with backbone. They are resolute in their movements, a feeling I was hardly able to capture in photo, but none-the-less, here are some images from the performance.

For more on Terpsichore and their process, check out my interview with Feeley: Trust on Display

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