Bane sticks underground

Bane (Photo by Future Breed)
East coast hardcore band Bane performs an all-ages show in Billings Wednesday, July 29 at the Railyard (Photo by Future Breed)

Bane (noun): That which causes ruin or woe. Also, an underground hardcore band based in Worcester, Mass. Created in 1995, Bane is a project of guitarist Aaron Dalbec (former member of Converge).

Bane has sporadically released albums, including 1999’s It All Comes Down to This and 2001’s Give Blood, an album touted for revitalizing the east coast’s stagnant hardcore scene. The band was quiet for several years until The Note, released in 2005.

Credited with progressing the underground hardcore movement, Bane is also touted for sincerity in lyrics and passionate live performances. Relentless and at times frenzied, Bane’s music is an emotional firestorm of hardcore entrenched in a deep love of the form.

The majority of Bane’s members are committed to principles of straight edge, an anti-drug lifestyle popularized in the 1980s by musicians including Minor Threat, and some of the band’s songs deal with this ideal.

The band is making a stop in Billings Wednesday, July 29 at the Railyard, performing an all-ages show beginning at 6 p.m. This is Hell, a Long Island, N.Y. hardcore punk band known for high-powered live performances, opens for Bane. Local metal band From Womb to Tomb opens the show.

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