Tracking my drunken friends at Coachella via Twitter


When Jon Bell and Andrew Fitzgerald hit the road on their way to Coachella, they made sure all their friends could watch with intrigue as their drunken adventure unfolded.

Jon, who has refused to join to social networking sites, remaining absent from friend lists on MySpace and Facebook, joined the ranks of thousands of new twitterers on April Fools Day. Andrew, a casual online social networker, has been twittering for a little under a year, informing his small following of his diet choices, which seems to consist of nachos, snack nuts, tea and beer, and other mundane details of his daily existence.

However uneventful their daily lives may seem, tracking these two on Twitter has become quite contagious. I log on each morning to see what the night brought the calamitous pair.

From their second stop, a motel in Vegas, the two began a onslaught of interesting factoids: “Our hotel is between a strip club and a super huge porn store. Vegas is #1 awesome.” “Enjoying our first drink of the night. A long island, of course.” “Drink holder in the urinal! What’ll they think of next!?!?” “Jon found something else to lose at: a star trek slot machine.” “Crikey! If live keno was a hot chick i’d totally marry her.”

Leaving Los Vegas, Jon twitters: “Two nights without death or incarceration. Eat it skeptics.” After rolling into Coachella, an annual music and arts festival held in Indio, California, last night, the two wasted little time and set up their tent.

“We finally made it! Our gear is set up and we’re ready to rock,” Andrew informed us. “The music stops at 4am at a crazy rave dome now. Those who predicted Japandrew and I’s deaths may have been right. No sleep til Brooklyn,” Jon added. 40 oz of vodka later, Andrew and Jon broke into the rum.

As they made their way to the “thunder dome,” showcasing their dance moves and weighing their band choices based on the set list, I can only wait jealously for the next update.

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