Cursive’s Tim Kasher finds Montana a peaceful retreat

Cursive, in their last Billings appearance, 06.22.09

Originally published in Noise and Color

There’s stillness in Montana that is like no other. Here the expansive country unfolds like an artist’s palette, spurring resourcefulness and originality within its residents while allowing quietude amongst the rivers, mountains, and roads. Such a state has a magnetic pull, courting musicians with its intimate setting and level of anonymity, if they so choose.

In the fall of 2010, Tim Kasher, frontman of the longtime rock outfit Cursive, left California for colder pastures. He relocated to Whitefish, Montana, where he honed his songs at the local open mic. Here Kasher was just a guy with a guitar, not the high profile musician and founder of a cultishly popular indie rock band.

A nomad of sorts, Kasher has traipsed the country for years with his Omaha-based musical groups Cursive and The Good Life. After nearly a year of touring in support of Cursive’s 2009 release “Mama, I’m Swollen,” which routed the band through Missoula and Billings, Kasher spent a cold winter in Whitefish writing his debut solo album, “The Game Of Monogamy,” a self-reflective, unapologetic take on relationships.

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