Kevin Smith’s live ‘Smodcast’

On night five of producer/screenwriter/director Kevin Smith’s live “Smodcast” tour, he and fellow Smodcaster Scott Mosier claimed they were ready to “kill each other,” but their stage banter suggested otherwise. The longtime duo that has collaborated on nearly all of Smith’s films were naturals onstage, looking up occasionally to acknowledge the audience but otherwise conversing through an hour with crass humor and snarky commentary on the day’s current events.

Once in front of the Billings audience, Smith took some time to discuss the seemingly bizarre landscape of the West he was able to observe by bus. “Boy, is it flat,” Smith marveled. “At one point I felt like we were lost…There is something kind of beautiful about it.”

Calling the surrounding area an “unspoiled wilderness,” Smith quickly moved into his characteristic deprecating humor and noted there is so much wasted space. “You could build cities!” he said.

The other striking observation Smith had of the West: “Pixar is lying yet again. Look at Montana. WALL-E is never going to happen.”

Moser retorted, “Do you feel better knowing Montana is out here?”

“Billings is the death of all childhood dreams,” Smith noted, and received a large cheer from the crowd.

Known for his sarcastic and brutal humor on screen and on stage, Smith’s stop in Billings was one of only six cities on the “Smodcast Live” tour. “Smodcast,” a podcast he records weekly in his Los Angeles home with producer/longtime collaborator Scott Mosier, features Smith’s musings on culture and daily life, peppered with Mosier’s input.

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Kevin Smith’s Billings performance consolidated to one show

Kevin Smith brings his sardonic wit to the Babcock.

Though originally scheduled for a 7 p.m. and a 10 p.m. show, Kevin Smith’sSMODCAST LIVE” performance has been consolidated to one show at 7 p.m. Friday, April 30 at the Babcock Theatre in Billings.

Known for his sarcastic and brutal humor on screen and on stage, Smith is making limited appearances across the nation and will give a spoken word performance themed around his podcast “SMODCAST,” which he records weekly with producer/partner Scott Mosier. The Billings appearance is one of only six stops on the “SMODCAST LIVE” tour.

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