DJ Swamp burns through Billings

In a slew of familiar favorites, from the Bee Gee’s “Staying Alive” to Boy Meets Girl’s “Waiting For a Star to Fall” to classic rock from Journey and Pink Floyd, DJ Michelangelo mashed his way through an impressive set of tunes at the Railyard on Saturday night. The Bozeman-based DJ (by way of Santa Barbara, Calif.) prepped a small but respectable turnout for Los Angeles-based DJ Swamp.

Swamp didn’t make an appearance until 1 a.m., and those that remained to catch the once top U.S. DJ talent were graced with quite a showing. There was only a momentary silence as the DJs swapped places.

A tall, stoic figure cloaked in black, DJ Swamp began his evening with a core of metal riffs. Noticeably absence was the presence of electronics; quite literally he worked from two turntables and a microphone, to quote his former employer Beck.

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